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Software for security companies

bVigilant is a “tech in a box” security software solution for small to medium size security companies.

Track your armed response teams and vehicles, create real time reports and simplify the management process by merging our technology with your security systems.

Compete with larger South African security companies who have had the capital to develop their own bespoke systems. 

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The bVigilant occurrence book is vitally important and contains a complete record of everything that happens on a security site. Doing this online, instead of on paper allows for remote sites to be administered real-time from a main control room.

Electronic and mobile clock in and clock out ( Time & Attendance)
Have your clocking at remote sites connected to your head office over the internet or mobile network.

At clock in the system records:


This allows security companies to keep control over:

Reporter mobile app

 – technical issues such as the alarm not working
– need quote on new service
– suspicious persons wandering around the neighbourhoodt

Responder Mobile Application

Technical Responder


The reporting system is the nerve centre of the system. The powerful BI (business intelligence) reporting function is a preconfigured function/feature /component within the bVigilant BI software. It allows reporting to capture.

Need quote on new service
Suspicious persons wandering around the neighbourhood

Command and control console
This allows for security companies to see all aspects of their business from a single place electronically.

White labelled SAIDSA approved command and control centre

Although this is not an application, bVigilant has partnered with RK Systems to offer a control room that monitors alarms, panics and day reports. This offer again allows smaller and medium size security companies to focus on guarding and reaction without the hassle and cost of setting up and manning this very expensive essential component of a security company.