Command centre software

Built for Security Companies

bVigilant is an all-in-one command centre solution.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution already a reality, it can no longer be business as usual. As business success hinges on keeping abreast of trends and embracing change, Security companies need to invest in the digital transformation to future-proof their service delivery impression to clients, remain competitive and meet the demands of customers.

bVigilant is the premier incident and case management software for business watch, farm watch and community watch clusters. The mobile reporter, responder and manager apps integrate seamlessly with the backend command centre console.

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Powerful Settings

bVigilant is the “brain” that enables a Command Centre to run efficiently with added capabilities.

Combined with bVigilant, our security management tools, social media watchdog tools and technology platforms are scalable and can handle security and crime data at volume. The command centre also has the power to perform an analysis of the diagnostics of the alerts generated by our panic button activation.

One of the major responsibilities of a command centre is not only to react to crimes, but also to be predictive and prevent criminal incidents. Predictive solutions doing trend analysis of incidents, persons of interest analysis, anomaly detection and behaviour analytics will empower the command centre to predict issues much faster and take corrective actions. bVigilant along with the integration of powerful modules has this capability. 


At your command 24/7

bVigilant is comprised of a number of innovative yet cohesive solution modules that transform incidents, investigation and information into structured intelligence. These solutions facilitate structuring, visualising, analysing and managing data on all functional and managerial levels.

bVigilant is designed as a closed loop case management solution as opposed to the “file and forget” methodology.  The process flow from the time an incident is submitted is tracked and managed all the way through to resolution, while keeping all stakeholders up to date with the status of the resolution process.

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