Security operations management software

The bVigilant solution is tech in a box. User friendly & powerful

A cloud and mobile based security management software designed for guarding and security companies wanting to compete with the big boys.


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bVigilant has everything a security company needs without the upfront cost, including


  • Time & attendance electronic & mobile clock in, clock out
  • Online occurrence book to manage incidents in real time
  • Reporter mobile app with panic button
  • Responder mobile app with gps tracking, video, audio, image
  • Technical responder tracks, communicates, and manage tasks
  • Command and control console
  • Reporting system capturing trends, heat maps & more
  • Command and control centre, white labelled SIDSA approved

The software efficiently manages and tracks your security personnel activity 24/7, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

bVigilant improves awareness, communication, tracking and documentation of incidents. 

In a nutshell, what is bVigilant?

bVigilant is a fully integrated suite of security management software with modular web-based solutions for incident management and physical security operations.

The bVigilant software solution integrates a:

  • Reporter app with panic
  • Responder app
  • Manager app

Added extra – panic button with own sim card

Available for :

bVigilant solves key issues that all South African security and guarding companies have to deal with

It was initially developed as an in-field incident and case management system for the Office of the Premier, KZN and the Port of Durban. With a few more enhancements the system was further developed with the expressed purpose of fully revolutionising the security sector.

Yesterday’s security companies

Is your security company a paperless, cloud based operation or are you and your customers being left behind?

Are you spending too much money on various software applications or services, each supplied by a different company? Integration spaghetti is what happens when all of your security data lives on different platforms.

Are all your applications integrated into a single solution running your security company under one, simple to use, secure, cloud based umbrella? 

Todays South African security companies need to bVigilant

  • bVigilant is a 4th industrial revolution security system with its own reporter app, responder app, manager app and control room. A system so powerful that it can plug into any existing operation such as Gallagher, Sniper, Sabre and Cognitive, enhancing capabilities of existing systems
  • bVigilant has been built by security and software experts specifically for small to medium size South African security and guard companies
  • bVigilant can link into all your existing systems. With an integrated security management system you work smarter and more efficiently, giving you more information to improve customer service
  • The larger South African security companies have already spent millions having their own command room technology developed, propelling them ahead of their competitors and making it easier for them to secure contracts in this fast moving digital era
  • bVigilant has levelled the playing fields and makes it possible for security companies of any size, the chance to use the latest all-in-one security management software and market it to their customers

R3900 per month/branch (T's & C’s apply)

In the real world this would be way out of the budget of most of the 9000+ security companies in South Africa.

The bVigilant launch special for the first 100 security companies
A complete 4-in-1 security management system – tech solution in a box

R3900 per month/branch (T’s & C’s apply)

Chat to our experts about including Cognitive capabilities

How does bVigilant modernise security companies.

Dramatically improves productivity

  • Moves the company into a paperless operation
  • Eliminates the file and forget way of working
  • Simple, user-friendly reporting, responder and manager
  • Synchronising teams with real time access to incidents and tasks
  • Employees manage their own time and performance
  • Reduces the reliance on telephone calls
  • Customers use the reporter app to report faults
  • All client details readily accessible on your cell phone
  • Responders can report, record, video, text, e-mail & voice message
  • Speeds up response and reporting
  • Simplifies communication with clients and visa versa
  • Improves customer service

4th Industrial revolution technology

  • An efficient command centre with added capabilities
  • Automated workflows and technical backup
  • GPS location and trend analysis capabilities
  • Person of interest analysis
  • Anomaly detection and behaviour analytics
  • Vehicle tracking and number plate recognition
  • Your own branded panic button for customers
  • Performs an analysis of the diagnostics of a panic button alert
  • Added security management tools
  • Social media watchdog tools & tech platforms are scaleable
  • You know who you’re dealing with resulting in less security risks
  • An all-in-one system, reduces cross-vendor security & privacy concerns

Talk to out experts regarding integration of Cognitive

* T’s & C’s apply 

Increases profitability

  • Compete with the larger players in the security industry
  • Increase the range of contracts you can apply for
  • Take on larger contracts due to advanced command centre capabilities
  • Offer your customers added benefits
  • bVigilant includes the panic button technology
  • Use fewer vendors. Even the smallest efficiency savings could translate into significantly larger improvements in margins

An integrated platform is more scalable eliminating errors while maintaining history and data integrity. 

The process flow from the time an incident is submitted, is tracked and managed all the way through to resolution, while keeping all stakeholders up to date with the status of the resolution process.

bVigilant enables your business to use the power of the Internet to manage the security services you provide, improving communications, maximising operational efficiency, dramatically speeding up response time.

bVigilant is a game changer and business opportunity in the security space

How bVigilant came about

Mshtarii Investments developed a software system that was initially built to run all operations at the Durban port, successfully tested and implemented in 2017. It was also used by the office of the premier in KZN

The system had been built as an incident and case management system (ICMS) capable of

  • Truck Turn Around ( Vehicle tracking)
  • Berth Sensors ( Berth Occupancy)
  • Drone Management
  • Mobile Port Asset Management.

Millions were been spent developing, testing and implementing this advanced management system. We identified the security industry in South Africa as a major opportunity. We adapted this multi million rand software system for this industry. bVigilant was born.