Effectively Securing our Neighbourhoods Together

Our communities should unite against lawlessness with effective incident communication and response. In today’s crime-ridden society, we all need to be empowered to protect ourselves, our families, and the places we care about most.

New-Age Community Safety Strategies

bVigilant has recognised the need for a smarter and more streamlined way of reporting criminal activities in your local area with an innovative new neighbourhood Watch App. Having a connected community means that we can reduce the crime rate and increase our ability to report serious issues that directly affect us.
Neighbourhood Watch App

Issues Neighbourhood Groups and CFP's face

  • All incidents whether serious or mundane are reported on one Whatsapp group.
  • Residents become overwhelmed with messages not related to them.
  • Inability to delegate specific members of the group to receive messages pertaining to their area of interest, eg. pets out in the street.
  • Serious incidents are not filed and so cannot be linked to other incidents.
  • Having an influx of messages, photos and videos means they are that much harder to coordinate and manage.
  • Security companies unwilling to join these groups due to too many messages.
  • No panic button for your family outside of a property or town you reside in. 
  • Cost of an App is thought to be expensive.

A Powerful Crime Reporting Tool

The bVigilant app is a powerful crime reporting tool that is specifically designed for use by Neighbourhood Watch and Community Policing Forums. It eliminates those annoying and unrelated messages that you have to deal with on a Whatsapp group. Our team of developers heeded the call for an efficient incident reporting and response platform and have designed a bespoke app to replace the use of Whatsapp.

Why Choose our App

Eliminate Irrelevant Reports

Irrelevant Whatsapp group messages can clutter your phone. Some incident reports may pertain directly to you, but in most cases, they don’t. Security companies constantly have to deal with numerous Whatsapp splinter groups with an influx of messages. This can hinder and slow down their response to serious and relevant emergency situations. Our app eliminates this.

Guaranteed Privacy

With the bVigilant app, your privacy is guaranteed. No more worrying about your personal information, conversations or images being shared on a social media platform. All communication on the App is in line with the POPI (protection of personal information) Act


Reporter App

Stay In Control 24/7

Our app includes many first-of-its-kind features that will strengthen your neighbourhood by removing improper reports. It will ensure you have effective response to emergency incidents such as crime, medical or fire, 24/7. When you incorporate our app, you will enjoy numerous advantages that put you in control.

Streamlined Communication

Communication is directly between reporters and responders. Conversation is no longer necessary between residents. We have aligned the bVigilant App to meet the bVigilant primary aims and objectives of Incident and Emergency reporting and response management.

Protect Yourself From Personal Harm

Take instant action in an emergency situation with a panic button that can be used in your home or around your neighbourhood. It can be linked to your own security company or to our security cluster. Our Security providers have agreed to work with the bVigilant App to ensure you feel safe wherever you are.

Geolocation Technology

Geo-location helps identify your actual geographic location. We have integrated a
built-in-GPS-module that can track your movement in the event of an emergency
report – Regardless of where you are. Our app will also notify 3 family members or
friends simultaneously at the time of your incident.

Prioritize Perpetrators

We have incorporated a “People of Interest” module inside our system which will improve general security over time. Photographs and details of known criminals are added to our system and a data base is created. This data base then enables linking
to a case which will aid law-enforcement with investigations.

Change The Way You Think About Security with AI

We believe the future of security will be focused on cameras and artificial intelligence or AI. Our application is also working with video Management Solutions in terms of adopting facial recognition and behaviour. By using AI-powered security cameras, we will be able to keep a close watch on potential threats.

Key Features

Panic button – For quick response in an emergency

Geolocation – To track your movement in the event of an emergency report

Facial recognition and behaviour

Person of interest module

Push notifications

Business Advertising Opportunity

We have allowed businesses the opportunity to advertise on our app. This can either
be on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We will confirm the maximum number of
adverts allowed at a later stage.


Residents can enjoy membership to our bVigilant app for a free, limited trial period. After this period, only bVigilant members will have use of the app. It is complimentary as a part of being a bVigilant Membership. When the free trial of the bVigilant App is complete, should you want to continue using the Street WhatsApp groups, membership of the bVigilant app will become compulsory.

Choose the plan that's perfect for your safety

Community security package with out oversite


  • Smart phone panic and community management App
  • Self-managed program
  • Total control of your system
  • Organise your own responders
  • No intervention from outside the neighbourhood or community.

Community security package with oversite


  • Reporter & responder app
  • Allows full control and customisation to specific needs
  • Aimed at unifying all Private Security Companies functioning in an area, under one system.
  • Includes the services of an oversight control room.
  • Ensures individuals can remain with their current service provider.

Community security package with reaction


  • Allows full control and customisation to specific needs.
  • The use of our SAIDSA approved control room with armed response services
  • Independent Control Room allows for the use of a number of reaction elements
  • Removes the need to set-up and maintain this costly infrastructure.

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